About Us

abusTechnology Inc. is a global solution provider located in BARBADOS, in partnership with i2d, inc., located in California. We have deep experience in leveraging available technologies and business intelligence to provide innovative solutions on the Web. Agile Business Utility Systems (abus) solutions have reduced costs and improved efficiency in all organizations where our solutions are implemented. Our team practices in multiple disciplines, with concentration on Web accessible applications, software applications, graphic design and interactive communication.

We deliver a total solution, supplying the hardware where it is needed.


Our core competencies are in Web Integration, Software Development, Electronic Communications Systems and Visual Communications, Business Services.


Web Integration

Data-driven Web sites, online technical support, and hosting.

Software Development:

Database design and development, custom MIS development, application development.

Electronic Communication

Multi-media is helping many businesses to move to more dynamic, flexible and customizable digital solution to improve the way they communicate with the customer. No matter what the industry, our Virtual Communications Solutions provide the power to enrich customer experience and build brand awareness.

Business Services

ICT Audits,

Project Management

Job Analysis

Industrial Engineering

Marketing & Communications.

abusTechnology has access to a broad range of IT services. Our technical capability covers expertise in a broad spectrum of software applications including; Microsoft.NET, Php, MySQL, FileMaker Pro, Java Tomcat servlets, XML, Web services, Applied ODBC/JDBC connectivity. We contract additional resources that include industry experts, subject matter experts and project management consultants.


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