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Ferdinand Hinds
Ferdinand Hinds, Operations Manager of abusTechnology inc., with a primary focus is the deployment of Education Management Information System applications to the schools in the Caribbean.

Ferdinand has been a major contributor to FileMaker Pro development initiatives in the organization and has over 20 years of development experience. His focus is on the integration of database applications moving information processing to Web enabled applications, reducing duplication, improving operating efficiencies and processes. He successfully leverages the latest technologies, and develops Web enabled software applications as collaborative solutions for our clients.

In 2002 he led the company through the research, design, development and deployment of abusSTAR EMIS application for the Education market, Today this product is used in over 100 schools in Barbados and in Antigua. His previous experience ranges from Facilities Management at Apple Computer Inc. and Intel Corporation, to Director of International Business Development, for the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation's New York office. Project Manager at Quantum Corporation and Maxtor Corporation in California. The experiences in Facilities Management, General Contracting, Construction Management, and his education in Industrial Technology at Southern Illinois University gives him a competitive advantage. His love for processes and process controls led him to become certified in Low acid Food Processing and HACCP Certification at UC Davis.

Ferdinand continues to work in design and application development and manages the transfer of technology within abusTechnology, Inc., building collaborative solutions to address business challenges for our clients, from the department to the enterprise. For the organization, Ferdinand has identified a new frontier in the challenge to improve business efficiency. The goal is to deliver easy to use, scalable Web enabled business solutions to move complex manual tasks, creating a collaborative, productive work environment for small to medium size business enterprises.
Fabian Holder
Software Developer
Fabian specializes in advanced Front End Web Development, data presentation and server side technologies to create original and exciting applications for various clients in a range of fields including: 3D animation, education, eCommerce and travel and cuisine. Fabian's ability to create complete and functional websites and applications ; ensuring rich user experience and client satisfaction has been an asset to abusTechnology. His Work Experience in 2011 through 2016 includes, Full Stack Web Application Development, Graphic Design, Web Content Management & Content Creation, Database Design, Client and Server coding/configuration and Application Support.

As part of the abusTechnology team, he has contributed his skills in programming and development to many projects, he has supervised requirements gathering, analysis, documentation and project scheduling and also ensures each project is completed with adequate criteria for testing and quality assurance to certify optimal user experience, performance and user system compatibility standards are met.

Fabian is a graduate of the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Upper Second Class Honours in courses including Web Applications Development, Computer Architecture and Software Engineering. His technical skills include: JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, XML,Python, Bootstrap, Magento Platform, Wordpress, Drupal, SQL, VB, C, C++, AJAX, Technical Writing, Photoshop, Dreamweaver,Filezilla, Visual Web Developer, Android Developer Studio, Content Management Systems, IT support, Linux & Windows Operating Systems.
Natalie Campbell
Corporate Services Manager
Mrs. Campbell joined our team bringing nine years of experience in the field of accounting and entrepreneurship. Over the last three years she worked as a founding Director of Caribbean Business Consultants Inc. Her education includes accounting and Marketing. She is a Certified General Accountants Association (CGA) and holds a Marketing Certification with the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP).

Mrs. Campbell's main focus is on ensuring the company meets its legal and financial obligations.She is also responsible for managing our financial processes -from client contracts to operating budgets and expenses. Her involvement in the management of finance is expanded to the client's benefit. Her skills and experiences as a Business Consultant assist in the introduction of abusSolutions to clients, advertisers and sponsors.
Shawn Mayers
Application Integration
Shawn manages the Database Integration with abusTechnology, inc., and is our lead developer for FileMaker Pro development in the abusSolutions range of products. He has driven the capability for abusTechnology delivering on our commitment to meet the demand for cost effective easy to use products across multiple platforms. Shawn’s expertise allows us to move data seamlessly, quickly, and reliably between Databases to Web platforms, and applications as a shared resource.

Shawn has three years experience in teaching in the Secondary schools, in Barbados. His work in automating the field scoring system and yearly form list, and his knowledge of the Education System requirements is an asset to abusTechnology. Known by most of the teacher community, as a person who will always deliver, this allows the company to maintain excellent relationships with our client.

Shawn has a degree in Kinesiology from Acadia University Wolfville NS with a concentration in Business Administration, Communication and Computer programming, with additional disciplines in International Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR, and Crisis Prevention. He is experienced in Microsoft applications, FileMaker Pro, Java, C, Java Sever, Pages, PHP and mySQL. Apple, Windows and Linux OS.
Walter Allen
Consultant (Acumen Building Enterprise Inc.)
Mr. Allen is a construction consultant who has extensive experience in project controls, planning, facility management and infrastructure issues. His primary focus has been in the area of professional consulting for projects and organizations over $30 million. He has gained an array of skills in project planning and costs engineering.

Construction and engineering issues that impact facilities throughout the entire project life cycle are his principal areas of expertise. He is interested in the process of construction, financial analysis, controlling project costs and improving labor productivity. Technical management and systems integration are two other professional focus areas.

Mr. Allen has provided project and construction consulting to the school districts in Northern California and has worked on construction management issues across the nation. He has participated in a number of construction feasibility studies, decision analysis and costs control projects. Mr. Allen has also been involved in land development and housing construction in Barbados for the last 10 years.

He has completed extensive research on the impact and processing of project change on large construction projects with an average total cost of $40 million. This research was focused on developing a Change Management System Model to effectively process and manage change. The goal of the research and the model are to improve the management of project change.

Mr. Allen, a former Naval Officer, has worked as a Management Consultant with Coopers and Lybrand. He has over 20 years of business, construction and technology systems experience.
Curt Ward
Experienced new product development and introduction executive with strong business and technical skills in industrial engineering and manufacturing technology. Combination of technical, and team skills contributed to developing results oriented teams which achieved reduced time to market, improved quality and manufacturability while reducing costs (positive P&L). Additional product and cost improvements made by leveraging supplier expertise SCM across the company’s multinational supply chain (improved cost margins).

Career experience split between large multinational companies and start ups; mostly focused on new product & process development, followed by ramping production to meet market demand for high tech products. This also included compliance with ISO 9000 or Title 21 CFR 820 (QSR-GMP).

Experience in process engineering, automation, & operations and global supply chain management, including new product development and commercialization, strategic planning, new factory layout/design and expansions for low and high volume environments, (nine factory startups). Includes IT integrated with business/factory management systems, key process and equipment development of advanced manufacturing technology, including automated material handling, to support product and cost requirements. Focused, results oriented team leader.

Curt Ward’s Specialties:
Develop & mfg new high tech products NPI with high quality, fast time to market by leveraging supply chain expertise & capacity; Implemented a cost effective variable capacity base to move with market. Industry tools & processes used: FMEA,DOE, VOC,SPC. Agile Enterprise Strategic Planning; Mfg Process Design thru Concurrent Engineering; Team Building; Change Mgt; Matrix Mgt; Mgt By Objectives; Network & Mfg Systems Architectures; Systems Analysis & Planning; Cell Controler; Simulation Modeling.

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